João Carapinha, Ph.D.

My name is João, an experienced HEOR professional and Director at Syenza – The Value Science Company. My enduring passion for healthcare innovation fuels my dedication to improving access to new healthcare technologies. I’ve spent years utilizing my expertise in global market access strategies, economic evaluations, pricing, and financing strategies, along with understanding health insurance systems, to bring transformational solutions to the fore. Beyond the professional sphere, I find inspiration in the art from the 15th and 16th centuries and surrealism, enjoy reading non-fiction across a variety of topics, and cherish playing chess with my three children. I am eager to share my insights and knowledge in this space.

Danélia Botes

My name is Danélia and I am a pharmacist and medical writer who has always had a passion for writing and the creative side of healthcare. I’ve been compiling material on healthcare for years, both for the public and for people in the workplace, including academic journals. My hope for this website is to provide readers with timely and accurate information on the latest developments in health economics and outcomes research. I’m really enthusiastic about the future of medical writing as a profession because it gives me the opportunity to play a part in bringing new technology and healthcare access to the market. I am excited to produce informative and engaging content that will keep readers returning to this website for their trusted source. Stay tuned!

Sumona Bose

My name is Sumona and I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Public Health (Global Health). I have past experience as a healthcare consultant and developmental researcher with a multidisciplinary background spanning in Public Health, Health Economics, International Relations and Human Rights. The intersections between gender, economics and healthcare technologies fascinate me and through my work, I wish to unpack more on how different methodologies of healthcare evaluation and technologies are available to different stakeholders and agents. I am passionate about improving access to quality healthcare and contributing to the multi stakeholder narrative on equity, sustainability and innovation of healthcare. Through HEOR writing, I wish to build a reliable resource base for our growing global audience for industry insight and researching on innovative healthcare trends.

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