Policy of Innovative Health Technology: Biobanks in Abu Dhabi

By Danélia Botes

April 15, 2024


As we navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry, it is crucial to consider the role of innovative health technology. One such technology is biobanks, facilities that store and distribute biological samples for research and clinical purposes. The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi released a policy for the responsible use of biobanks in the country.

Understanding Biobanks:

Biobanks have become invaluable assets in advancing biomedical research and clinical practice. They provide access to diverse human samples and information, supporting the understanding of diseases and the development of novel diagnostic tools, precision medicine, and public health strategies. However, the operation of biobanks relies heavily on well-defined biosafety protocols and quality control procedures as well as informed consent.

Policy Statement and Legislative Regulation:

The policy aims to establish a comprehensive framework that promotes the ethical, responsible, and standardised operation of biobanks in Abu Dhabi. The policy applies to all stakeholders, including healthcare providers, professionals, private entities involved in human research, government entities, academic institutions, researchers, scientists, and individuals providing or accessing biological materials and genomic data.

Operational Guidelines and Biosafety Protocols:

The policy outlines how biobanks must obtain a “Licence for Biobank Facilities” from the DoH. They must also maintain this licence while conducting biobanking activities. Additionally, the policy provides detailed procedures. These include the collection, storage, distribution, transportation, and use of human biological samples and related data. 

Stakeholder Relationships and Ethical Standards:

The policy emphasises the importance of establishing effective relationships with public and private stakeholders to ensure compliance with ethical standards. It mandates transparency, accountability, and accessibility in all interactions with stakeholders. The policy also encourages collaboration among biobanks and stakeholders. The aim is to ensure the sustainability of the biobank and to create a mutually beneficial relationship.


The policy of innovative health technology, particularly in the context of biobanks, presents a promising avenue for the advancement of healthcare in Abu Dhabi. By promoting the best international practices for biobanking activities, we can look forward to a future where personalised medicine and preventive public health strategies are the norm.

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